Swimming Pools – where are they in Whistler?

If you’re like Dory from the film Finding Nemo, and like to ‘Just Keep Swimming…!’ then you’ll probably want to know where you can find swimming pools in Whistler.

Ive created a gallery of swimming pools by complex, so you can find your dream swimming hole!

Swimming pools in Whistler can be found across a variety of property types; from 1/4 shares where owners can enjoy 1 week per month of personal usage or revenue gain, to Phase 2 covenant restricted hotels like the Westin where owners can enjoy up to 56 days of usage per year (28 in summer and 28 in winter). Or there’s our most flexible ownership, otherwise known as Phase 1 restrictive covenant properties, that allow full time ownership and the ability to rent out on a short term basis (either through a management contract or open to the owners decision).

The key to Whistler property purchases is to think hard about what you need and want! If you only realistically plan on using it a few time’s a year, maybe a phase 2 or 1/4 share will work for you. But if you want your own space that you can decide how you want to rent it out (if at all), on your own terms…then maybe a phase 1 is for you!

But if a swimming pool is a must, then this post is a must see for you!